Rhino: A Docket 90 Compliant Vinyl

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A versatile and highly durable vinyl with a luxurious matte finish, Rhino is an ultra stylish upholstery choice for transit bus and van interiors. Meeting stringent safety standards in North America, it is also exceptionally high performing - achieving the key Docket 90 flammability and smoke emission certification now required by many cities and states for seating material selections. 


Docket 90: Explained

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) recommended fire safety criteria for transit bus and vans, Docket 90 includes two key tests to assess the flammability and smoke emission characteristics of upholstery fabrics used in these vehicles, these are:

  • FAR 25.853: A vertical flammability test designed to determine the resistance of material to a flame ignition. The test specimen is held in a vertical position beneath the flame ignition source for a specified time period (12 seconds). Once the flame is removed the sample is assessed in accordance with ignition time, flame time, drip flame time and burn length.
  • ASTM E662: This standard measures and describes the response of materials, products, or assemblies to heat and flame under controlled conditions. The test method provides a means for determining the Specific Optical Density of the smoke generated by specimens of materials and assemblies under defined exposure conditions.
A principle concern for material components used within public transport is their behaviour during ignition, both in terms of flammability and smoke emission. Rhino meets the stringent performance requirements for both test methods, and can therefore be certified as Docket 90 compliant.

A highly durable vinyl with a luxurious matte finish

Available in a concise yet established color palette, Rhino’s aesthetic difference comes with its two designs - a light grain and an embossed pattern. Beautifully complementing existing ranges and providing a textured alternative, this vinyl works alongside all Camira’s fabric capabilities. For transit bus and van interiors which desire a sleek, contemporary aesthetic - without compromising on safety - Rhino is the ideal upholstery choice. 

Rhino's Docket 90 certification can be viewed here, and further technical information and samples can be requested here.