Revealing the Pattern in Nature with Patina

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We have combined the best that human and nature has to offer with our newest fabric, Patina.

Patina is based on an intimate blend of wool and flax, which balances composition with construction and beauty with performance. It is the epitome of designing with nature with white flecks, created by the flax content, scattering across the surface of the fabric just as the flowers would appear in the fields from which it is grown. 

Patina is inspired by Camira’s trend forecast, Evolution: Global Trend Directions 2017/18, specifically a trend called Habitat which explores human impact and the wellbeing of all things in our environment. Using the colors, patterns and textures that nature’s different temperaments reveal, and combining this with the skills, design and insight of man, Camira has developed a fabric which demonstrates the result of these two environments working together. 

Available in a charming palette of 43 colorways, Patina captures the landscape around us as well as featuring nourishing new shades to complement the wider Camira portfolio. Patina meets heavy duty abrasion and is inherently flame retardant.  

To see the full color palette, download full technical information and pattern card material, visit the main product page.