Product Update Information - January 2019

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The information that follows has been produced to ensure you are aware of our recent product changes, giving you the chance to check your binder and sample library are up to date.

You can also download a PDF version here.

New ranges added in 2018
Era 66
Main Line Flax Stripe
Synergy Quilt ChannelChevron and Hourglass

New colours added in 2018
Era - 24 additional colours

Phase Out from January 2019
The following phase out products will no longer be promoted but can still be ordered over the next 6 months, then from 1 July 2019 they will be discontinued:

Full ranges Alternative range(s) available
24/7+ 24/7 Flax
Blazer Quilt Channel Synergy Quilt Channel
Blazer Quilt Hourglass Synergy Quilt Hourglass
Century (discontinued with immediate effect)  
Figaro Manila or Vita
L2 Lucia
Marvel Manila or Vita
Stripes Code
Torro Manila or Vita

Specific colourways

Specific colorways will be phasing out from 1 January 2019 and will be discontinued from 1 July 2019:

Advantage - Reduced from 40 colors to 28. Phase out colors are:
AD026 Delta Blue
AD125 Fjord
AD119 Fox
AD112 Largo
AD030 Leaf
AD117 Oasis
AD131 Peat
AD123 Riviera
AD016 Sandvale
AD121 Shamrock
AD120 Teal
AD214 Trent

Aquarius – Reduced from 41 colors to 27. Phase out colors are:
JA427 Aniseed
JA511 Army
JA015 Bluebell
JA508 Branch
JA512 Ceramic
JA509 Fleece
JA510 Frozen
JA195 Iceberg
JA046 Leipzig
JA434 Pascal
JA169 Pesto
JA061 Raisin
JA507 Stable
JA506 Sunglow

Ch√Ęteau – Reduced from 25 colors to 17. Phase out colors are:
CSP43 Belcaire
CSP51 Bellay
CSP28 Chantilly
CSP47 Divonne
CSP36 Losse 
CSP42 Martet
CSP23 Mombet
CSP12 Touvet

Fiji – Reduced from 20 colors to 17. Phase out colors are:
YA316 Angelfish
YA310 Scissortail
YA317 Snakehead

Honeycomb – Reduced from 16 colors to 10. Phase out colors are:
HUH12 Apiary
HUH03 Drone
HUH04 Castes
HUH14 Colony
HUH07 Keeper
HUH15 Nectar

Intervene Plain – Reduced from 10 colors to 7. Phase out colors are:
YH021 Bluefield
YH106 Calypso      
YH157 Marianna        

Landscape Collection – 12 Landscape Synergy colors will be phased out:
LDS09 Alliance
LDS11 Blend
LDS13 Combine
LDS03 Fortune
LDS14 Fuse
LDS04 Gamble
LDS12 Join
LDS02 Lucky
LDS15 Merge
LDS01 Random
LDS06 Risk
LDS10 Union

The following Landscape Collection Synergy colors will still be available in the Synergy Range:
LDS07 Fate
LDS17 Mix
LDS16 Partner
LDS08 Serendipity
LDS05 Venture

Lucia – Reduced from 43 colors to 31. Phase out colors are:
YB099 Arecibo
YB084 Bermuda
YB021 Bluefield
YB024 Cayman
YB005 Curacao
YB101 Diablo
YB027 Jamaica
YB069 Mauve
YB085 Reef
YB045 Taboo
YB030 Tobago
YB098 Turtle

Main Line Plus – Reduced from 40 colors to 23. Phase out colors are:
IF113 Bellis
IF056 Brindle
IF120 Celtic
IF089 Corinth
IF148 Dewberry
IF083 Fjord
IF094 Forest
IF129 Ink
IF114 Mahonia
IF128 Morum
IF057 Prism
IF046 Terracotta
IF240 Teal
IF135 Trident
IF275 Triumph
IF237 Tulip
IF075 Twilight

Oxygen – Reduced from 32 colors to 23. Phase out colors are:
BA049 Bikram
BA047 Calm
BA048 Cherish
BA015 Cirrus
BA056 Flexor
BA052 Hatha
BA023 Lull
BA055 Restful
BA053 Zen

Phoenix – Reduced from 30 colors to 21. Phase out colors are:
YP016 Arawak
YP021 Bluefield
YP024 Cayman
YP027 Jamaica
YP111 Nougat
YP109 Parasol
YP114 Rainforest
YP030 Tobago
YP047 Windjammer

Racer – Reduced from 21 colors to 15. Phase out colors are:
NU003 Baton
NU022 Bolt
NU021 Challenger
NU047 Ribbon
NU023 Stride
NU007 Track

Sprint – Reduced from 30 colors to 25. Phase out colors are:
PS003 Baton
PS021 Challenger
PS034 Opponent
PS019 Steady
PS007 Track

Urban – Reduced from 30 colors to 25. Phase out colors are:
YN158 Bedsit
YN190 Downtown
YN086 Innercity
YN201 Loft
YN097 Metropolis

Xtreme – Reduced from 60 colors to 41. Phase out colors are:
YS144 Andaman
YS169 Anguilla
YS016 Arawak
YS174 Arecibo
YS021 Bluefield
YS086 Bounty
YS170 Buru
YS106 Calypso
YS161 Flores
YS027 Jamaica
YS164 Leeward
YS166 Manado
YS157 Marianna
YS069 Mauve
YS011 Montserrat
YS162 Navassa
YS158 Nicobar
YS167 Orchilla
YS083 Twister

Discontinued ranges and colors

The range Century is discontinued with immediate effect.

Specific colours from the Blazer range that were phased out during 2018 are being discontinued as of 1 January 2019:
CUZ87 Aberdeen
CUZ24 Balliol
CUZ32 Banbridge
CUZ1D Bath
CUZ1H Belhaven
CUZ1Q Brighton
CUZ83 Butterstone
CUZ1A City
CUZ27 Collingwood
CUZ84 Dollar
CUZ14 Durham
CUZ46 Eastbourne
CUZ1Z Exeter
CUZ1B Imperial
CUZ85 Keil
CUZ66 Kimbolton
CUZ1C Lancaster
CUZ2A Loughborough
CUZ1S Nottingham
CUZ89 Rockport
CUZ1G Salford
CUZ88 Starley
CUZ1X St Martins
CUZ1U Sussex