Product Update Information - January 2021

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After a year where we’ve all had to cope with so much change, the last thing you need right now are any major changes to the Camira product portfolio. So this year, we’ve kept it very simple – the only products to be phased out are Craggan, which will be replaced by an upgraded version Craggan Flax (launching Q1) and Flow, which has been replaced by Port, an environmentally conscious vinyl. Everything else stays the same, plus there will be new products introduced throughout the year.

Please see below for a detailed breakdown of the changes that will take place throughout 2021 A PDF version is also available to download here.

New products added in 2020

While last year provided many challenges, our team worked tirelessly to ensure we continued to launch new fabrics to offer even more choice, value and performance.

An innovative take on an age-old fabric, Dolly retains the raw beauty of wool in its purest state. With a deep think 100% British wool fleece, Dolly brings irresistible warmth and comfort to any interior space.

A modern take on a rustic material, Kork blends natural beauty with a stylized aesthetic. This vertical approved organic textile is an ideal material to bring a hint of biophilia to any interior. 

The first contract fabric to include recycled marine plastic waste, using SEAQUAL YARN to create a 100% post-consumer recycled polyester with a purpose.

A beautifully modern velvet, with a matt finish, directionless pile and high durability suitable for task seating, soft seating and curtains.

Sumi & Kyoto
Embodying simplicity of style with high performance and versatility, these beautiful worsted wool
fabrics are made for multi-applications across seating, panel, acoustics and curtains.

An environmentally conscious phthalate free vinyl. Port protects and upholds in high traffic areas, providing maximum durability, while also containing no fire retardants or biocides.

Phase Out: January 2021
Craggan - phasing out from January to the end of June 2021, then discontinued.
Craggan Flax is the new alternative, launching in January offering improved environmental benefits and an extended color palette, increasing from 10 to 15 colors. There will be direct replacements for 7 of the existing Craggan colors in the new Craggan Flax palette as shown below.
Stocks of all Craggan colorways are still available.
When stocks run out, there will be a minimum order quantity as well as a leadtime. Please work with your designated customer service representative. 

Craggan – Full product phase out January 2021
Color Code Color Alternative
ZAN03 Bracken Continuing in Craggan Flax – new code CRA03
ZAN04 Marsh Continuing in Craggan Flax – new code CRA04
ZAN06 Cave Continuing in Craggan Flax – new code CRA06
ZAN07 Millstone Continuing in Craggan Flax – new code CRA07
ZAN08 Gravel Continuing in Craggan Flax – new code CRA08
ZAN09 Swale Continuing in Craggan Flax – new code CRA09
ZAN10 Scree Continuing in Craggan Flax – new code CRA10
ZAN01 Fell Millstone CRA07 / Talus CRA14
ZAN02 Cairn Gravel CRA08 / Esker CRA21
ZAN05 Foss Swale CRA09 / Trek CRA18


Discontinuations: January 2021

As we announced last year, some fabrics and colorways have now reached the end of their phase out period and are discontinued:

Full products discontinued

Full products Alternative Products Available
Halcyon Linden Halcyon Aspen, Blossom & Cedar
Halcyon Poplar Halcyon Aspen, Blossom & Cedar
Nettle Nomad Nettle Aztec
Nettle Traveller Nettle Aztec
Trail Track
Zig Zag  

Specific colorways discontinued
The following ranges are still available, but had a small number of colors removed from their palette.


Color Code Color Alternative Pattern Alternative Color Code Alternative Color
CPC24 Chocolate Gravity CPC12 Nutmeg
CPC22 Copper Gravity CPC11 Tigerlily

Color Code Color Alternative Pattern Alternative Color Code Alternative Color
UNY09 Olive Sprint PS029 Block
UNY06 Sky Sprint PS031 Stretch

Color Code Color Alternative Pattern Alternative Color Code Alternative Color
SLK11 Assam Hemp HWP01 Plough

Color Code Color Alternative Pattern Alternative Color Code Alternative Color
PS037 Focus Nexus UNY03 Pacific
PS020 Go Gravity CPC03 Berry
PS005 Pace Nexus UNY02 Limestone