Product Update Information - January 2017

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The information that follows has been produced to ensure you are aware of our recent product changes, giving you the chance to check your binder and sample library are up to date.

The summary below shows launches during 2016, phase outs and discontinued ranges.

New ranges for 2016:
Zig Zag

Phase Out from January 2017
The following phase out products will no longer be promoted but can still be ordered over the next 6 months, from 1 July 2017 they will be discontinued:

24/7- all colors
Fragment- all colors
Huckleberry- all colors

Discontinued Products

Full ranges discontinued from 1 July 2016 were:

Specific colourways discontinued from 1 July 2016 were:

Hebden – Reduced from 13 colors to 7. Discontinued colorways were:
Harrogate HWC24
Heptonstall HWC13
Holmfirth HWC12
Honley HWC22
Hornsea HWC04
Huddersfield HWC18

Hemp – Reduced from 31 colors to 21. Discontinued colorways were:
Field HWP24
Husk HWP31
Maple HWP14
Moorland HWP10
Nest HWP11
Nurture HWP17
Sedge HWP25
Shire HWP22
Stile HWP29
Teasel HWP15

Manhattan – Reduced from 32 colors to 23. Discontinued colorways were:
Bowery YI388
Broome YI387
Cooper YI205
Farley YI383
Fashion YI172
Lenox YI382
Lincoln YI190
Madison YI091
Village YI035

Sprint – Reduced from 43 colors to 30. Discontinued colorways were:
Bolt PS022
Bound PS042
Bronze PS008
Distance PS014
Final PS043
Lane PS006
Leap PS036
Metres PS009
Overtake PS012
Stamina PS024
Stopwatch PS013
Stride PS023
Winner PS035