Our transport moquettes achieve the Gold Label from BWMB

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As a way to promote a higher content of British grown wool in our fabrics, the British Wool Marketing Board (BWMB) has launched a new British Wool Premium Label Partnership, allowing us to influence how much wool of genuine British origin is used in some of our ranges. 

This means two of our transport moquette fabrics achieve a Gold Label as they include at least 70% British Wool content:

  • Elements – 83% wool
  • Vigor – 83% wool

The BWMB is owned by the sheep farmers of the UK and sits between the wool producer and the textile industry, providing wool for sale by auction across the year and promoting it through its Shepherd’s Crook licensed partnership programme.

The wool used in our moquettes is carefully selected because of its natural bounce-back, strong quality and reliability for weaving our fabrics. 

BWMB’s initiative, The Campaign for Wool which works to raise the profile of wool as the natural sustainable fibre for both fashion and interiors. A recent article profiles a number of products at New Designers, using our fabrics. Have a look!