Just a Drop Update

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For each meter sold of our bestselling wool blend fabric, Synergy, we donate a percentage of the profit to Just a Drop – our charity partner dedicated to bringing clean water to people across the world. Each donation is matched by Wools of New Zealand and, together, we have raised over £20,000. As our customer, you contribute to enabling the Just a Drop team to do such important work, and we wanted to provide you with an insight on the exact ways in which you’re helping. 

How are we helping?

Our current donations are supporting Kouk Srok, a village in Cambodia, in two key ways:
  • Biosand filters: BSFs allow families to have safe water in their homes. These point-of-use water treatment systems enable dirty water to be poured in, filtered, and extracted as safe water - and can produce enough water each day for a whole family to drink, cook and clean with.
  • Education: Each Just a Drop project has community at its core, and in Kouk Srok the team is training the community on effective hygiene, sanitation, how to maintain their BSFs, and performing a village clean up.
Our donations have so far provided 150 biosand filters, bringing clean water to approximately 700 people within the village (40% of the population). Together, we can continue to help make this project possible. Thank you for all your support.