Just a Drop...the story so far

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Over the last year our Synergy collection of fabrics, which includes Synergy, Individuo, Zig Zag and panel fabric Synergy 66, has supported a CSR programme with Just a Drop, called Wool for Water.

The programme is helping to deliver accessible, clean and safe water where it is needed most. Over the last year, the donations made from every metre of Synergy sold has contributed to a project in Africa, to build a water tank at Ikalaasa Primary School providing clean water to 460 individuals. 

After a few months of clearing the area, gathering supplies and building the framework, the water tank was completed in June 2016, and it was then a case of waiting for the rain. The December rains filled the tank with sufficient water and, following hygiene training, the children can now use the tank and benefit from regular access to clean water. 

We are proud to support such a worthy project like this and look forward to seeing what other projects Camira can contribute to.

Individually we are one drop, but together we are an ocean. And by coming together, we get great Synergy.