Happy Yorkshire Day!

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Happy Yorkshire Day! Birthplace of the Brontë sisters and Yorkshire pudding, home of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales and the place Marks first met Spencer, we’re incredibly proud of our home county, and all it stands for. To celebrate Yorkshire Day, we wanted to share just a few of our team’s favourite places in this land of moors, mountains and, of course, tea.


Ian Burn, Director of Marketing: “Burnsall, and not just because it’s my namesake. A picturesque parish in the Yorkshire Dales, I never get tired of the classic view of the village with its bridge over the River Wharfe, and the sight of St Wilfrid’s church in the backdrop as you approach from the Bolton Abbey road. It also has a great Yorkshire pub, the Red Lion, to stop by when you’ve built up a thirst exploring.”


Jane Jardine, Freelance Art Director: “As an 'adopter' of this amazing county (I moved here from Canada in 2002), I have so many favourite spots! But, narrowing it down, the Turkish Baths in Harrogate are a must-see for any Yorkshire visitor! With its stunning Moorish tiled interior, the baths are particularly great in wintertime when you can lose yourself in hot, hotter, hottest rooms and emerge invigorated. Afterwards, wander down to Bettys for a pot of tea and a slice of their gorgeous lemon loaf. I also adore Brimham Rocks, the alien-like rock formations which seem to rise up out of nowhere - they’re fun and relatively easy to climb too; choose a flat one and enjoy a picnic with fab views for miles."

The Yorkshire Dales

Penny Lovatt, Senior Designer: “I would have to say the Dales. There aren’t many places in this country where all you can hear is the wind in the trees, and the cries of wildlife like you can there. Also in the darkness, the lack of light pollution makes it a very special place with a very special atmosphere and the effect the wind and the elements has had on the surroundings is so evident. The views are amazing and the walking’s not bad either!"


Zoe Milnes, Exhibitions and Events Manager: "The descent from Oughtershaw down through Deepdale is one of the most beautiful cycle rides I’ve ever been on. Surrounded by rolling hills and dry stone walls only the sound from the odd curlew or sheep breaks the peace and quiet. Eventually you meet the River Wharfe in the valley bottom and you can enjoy a sedate ride alongside the bubbling beck. The river guides you into the picturesque hamlet of Starbotton where you can enjoy a cool drink at the Fox & Hounds pub. As James Herriot said “Oughtershaw. A piece of bleakest Yorkshire, but smiling in the sunshine through its bare miles of tufted grass. The air had the sharp sweetness which is found only on the top-most Pennines.”
To learn more about the sites and sights that make Yorkshire such a special place to visit, take a look at the Welcome to Yorkshire site; filled with suggestions on where to stay, what to do, and where to go. We’ll see you soon!