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The development of the Synergy ‘family’, which comprises Synergy, Individuo and Zig Zag, was truly a journey of discovery. The story begins with Blazer, our 100% pure new wool fabric launched in 2008, which quickly became our best-selling wool fabric worldwide. Forward thinking, we tasked our Senior Designer Hayley Barrett with developing an evolution of Blazer. The result is Synergy, a beautiful fabric which is softer, stronger, lighter and brighter than Blazer and has been used as a base fabric for two further developments – Indviduo and Zig Zag.

Synergy’s heart and soul comes from its 95% premium wool content, lovingly brought to life at our facilities in the textile heartland of England. Synergy is a refined cloth with sublime handle, smooth finish and relaxed drape. It achieves 100,000 martindale rubs thanks to the inclusion of just 5% nylon in the overall composition. The Synergy color palette is our largest offering in 75 intelligent shades. Whether it’s a warm neutral, aspirational pale, or fascinating dark hue – Synergy has color combinations throughout the spectrum, allowing for an array of surprising and sometimes unexpected combinations.

Individuo is a one-of-a-kind tie dye effect fabric on a Synergy base available in four contemplative colorways. The pattern is inspired by the Artisan trend which romanticizes handmade, handcrafted, creative artwork and textiles. We worked closely with our dyers and finishers throughout the development process to perfect special dyeing and finishing techniques. This ensures a dynamic, random and unique appearance – where no two areas of the fabric look the same.

Zig Zag is a playful print by designers Parris Wakefield Additions who specialize in bold, colorful, graphic patterns printed onto our Synergy base. The pattern is made up of parallel lines of varying angles, widths and colors, creating a fun and visually appealing upholstery fabric. 

All the Synergy ‘family’ are suitable for task or soft seating, and work perfectly as stand alone fabrics, or can be used in combination in a myriad of interior schemes. 

Please order your samples from our online sample service: Synergy, Individuo, Zig Zag.