From fashion to fabric: Corrosion launches

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Torunn Myklebust is a Norwegian print and textiles consultant, who works with luxury fashion houses such as Givenchy, Alexander McQueen and Roberto Cavalli. 

And now Camira. We have collaborated with Torunn to launch Corrosion, a new fabric design printed onto our wool blend fabric, Synergy. 

There are two designs in Corrosion, both looking at natural textures, rusting surfaces and bringing hard cut shapes together with a soft fabric base. The design is a geometric pattern printed on five carefully selected Synergy shades and one alternative design available on one Synergy color, both using negative space to reveal the texture of the base fabric.

Corrosion is designed to be noticed, something people want to ask more about, to explore the textures and use it in combination with other colors from the Synergy range, or as a statement fabric for task or soft seating. 

The full story and development with Torunn can be seen in our video below or view the full range on our product page.