Stop the spread with bleach cleanable fabrics for screens and panels

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As businesses strive to make their workplace COVID-secure, we’re making it our job to support those adapting and designing spaces for the future office with our range of bleach cleanable fabrics specially designed for vertical upholstery.

Creating personal protective workspace solutions using privacy panels, screens and room dividers for physical separation is one of the keys to preventing airborne germs from transmitting between colleagues. We know first hand from our customers who make these products, that they’re seeing a huge increase in demand right now, and they’re designing and adapting their screen systems to use both both hard and soft materials to help create safer environments. One point raised by Mark Bailey of Creatif Acoustif particularly caught our attention.

“I appreciate that safety is everything but that doesn’t mean good design should be thrown out. I predict a second wave of change when wipe-clean utilitarianism will be rejected for tactile, acoustically comfortable environments. Just as safe but much, much nicer.”

In other words, acrylic and plexiglass do not always need to be the go-to materials for hygiene and sanitation reasons. They work great as security barriers in banks and we’re now seeing this rigid material installed at supermarket counters and even in our local takeaway shops as we work to prevent the spread of the virus in public spaces. The question is, do we really want to install this hard, utilitarian, noisy material within our office spaces? 
As we enter our ‘new normal’, colleagues that have become used to working from the comfort of their own home are going to need to feel reassured by employers putting preventive measures in place but also feel invited back into the working environment. To do so - texture, color and acoustic properties will all play a part in creating a space that feels welcoming, looks good and encourages collaboration, albeit from a safe 1-2 yard distance.

We’re keen to provide a textile offering which not only ticks these boxes but that also has the added benefit of disinfection. As such, we’ve recently expanded the bleach cleanability testing of our panel and screen fabrics and are pleased to say that all our synthetic fabrics in polyester and polypropylene can now be cleaned and disinfected using bleach. They can even be disinfected using alcohol and anti-bacterial wipes, allowing office workers to take direct responsibility for the quick, easy disinfection of their wider workstation.

To make it easier to navigate our wide range of bleach cleanable vertical fabrics, all of which have acoustic properties for use with sound absorbing substrates, we have collated our range below:

Era 66
It’s important to remember that while disinfecting a surface with a bleach solution will combat microorganisms and viruses, evidence suggests that textiles are not seen as a major carrier of the virus. It does not survive as well on soft surfaces, such as fabrics, as it does it on frequently touched hard surfaces such as plastics, laminates, metal and glass.

Textiles might not be the biggest risk factor but you can reduce the risk even further through cleaning and disinfection protocols. Of course, there are many ways to clean a fabric, all of which can be found in our cleaning and disinfection guide.

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