Designer project: an interview with Lindsey Lang

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Lindsey Lang is an American born designer of high-quality designer kitchenware, interior accessories, wall and flooring products. She launched her own design company, The Lindsey Lang Signature Collection, in 2012 to sell her colorful collection of homewares.

As part of a project with the Barbican and its new retail space, a number of designers have been commissioned to reinterpret the Barbican’s visual conventions into a retail context. Lindsey has taken inspiration from the Barbican’s Brutalist architecture to develop a bespoke print, interpreting the building’s features to create a collection of geometrically inspired homeware. The design has been printed onto a range of products, one of which is a beautiful chair, which features the print on our Synergy fabric in Serendipity.

We caught up with Lindsey to learn more about her work and the project.

1. Can you tell us a bit about you and your work?

I am a homeware designer. My aim is to produce, design, manufacture and source extraordinary products for the home. I often create bespoke patterns and designs for commercial and private clients. Recent collaborations include The Design Museum, Transport for London, the Barbican, as well as ongoing seasonal collections with John Lewis. I also work with architects and interior designers on bespoke projects.

2. What inspires you?

I am lucky to live in London where the buzz of the city's culture serves as a constant source of inspiration. However, there are certain things that I will always come back to for inspiration such as constructivism, American modernism, abstract expressionism and designers from the Bauhaus.

3. Where do ideas come from?

I think it would be safe to say that there is a common thread throughout my work which is ‘geometry inspired by nature’.

4. Can you tell us a bit about the project, why you chose Blazer Serendipity fabric and how the print was developed?

This particular commission from the Barbican allowed me to visit the estate and take inspiration from the Brutalist architecture of the Barbican itself. I adore that the whole estate has this bush-hammered concrete grey finish so I decided to choose fabrics and colours that resonated with the textures and colours of the Barbican. As a designer I feel it is my responsibility to specify fabrics that are fit for purpose. I love the Camira range and felt this would be perfectly suited to our new chair.

Lindsey’s exclusive collection, along with other designer makers’ work will be available from the new shop at the Barbican Centre and online. See more of Lindsey’s products here or read about the project on Stylist.