Degrees of Color: 2019 Fabric Inspiration for Higher Education

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In our latest lookbook, we have carefully curated a colorful collection of contract fabrics which will stand the test of time for university refurbishment and new build schemes.

By mixing and matching material selections across the main color groupings in wool or synthetics, we’ve made it easy to choose and a pleasure to use. 

Here are just a few examples of the color schemes featured, and with a spectrum that covers the rainbow, choosing the perfect shade for a university interior has never been easier.

Calming grays & blacks

Two perennially versatile colors, gray and black are timeless tones that are always on trend. Available in an incredible myriad of hues, they can be used to create a cool, crisp interior – or a soft, soothing environment. The choice is yours.

Warm oranges and neutrals

While an orange color scheme may sound like a bold interior statement, the range of shades it encompasses means that it can actually create a perfectly harmonious space – with warm rust hues complemented by soothing neutrals, students won't want to leave (maybe).

Earthy natural tones

A neutral color scheme can provide a calming environment for students to unwind in the midst of assignment deadlines and exam stress, as well as providing the perfect base for pops of color to really make an impact.