Competition: The Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design

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In October last year, we launched a competition with The Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design to create a brand new piece of fabric inspired by the ‘Reimagine’ trend from Revolution: Global Trend Directions 2018/19 by Camira.

Often referred to as The Cass, the University is highly regarded for the unique opportunities it provides to its students – a firm believer in providing real-world experience, it encourages both individual and collaborative projects with professionals, communities and companies to ensure its pupils learn through practice – and we were happy to get involved by creating a brief, sharing our experience, assessing the entries and (most excitingly) manufacturing the winning design at our textile mill in Huddersfield.

Presented to the Textile Design BA course, entry was open to all second and third year students, and the brief centred upon taking inspiration from the ethos behind Reimagine (primarily the concept of Virtu-ality; the interweaving of the virtual and physical to create a future reality) to develop a jacquard weave pattern that reflected this trend. To be woven in our Synergy wool blend fabric, the only creative limits were that the design must contain two colors and a maximum of four tones when combining yarns in warp and weft.

Exciting designs

Camira Designer, Morwenna Fallows, presented the brief at our Clerkenwell Showroom and worked with the students in developing their initial ideas – talking them through the contextual evaluation to assess a design’s suitability for upholstery and interiors, the consideration that must be given to the longevity of a design, and the repeat specifications to bear in mind when creating a pattern.
Following much deliberation, and with a number of outstanding designs submitted, the winner was announced as being Loraine Feldman – a third year student who developed a striking design titled ‘Disruption’.

'Disruption' by Loraine Feldman

Initially inspired by the incongruous photo of a tree encased in chicken wire, Loraine sought to recreate this juxtaposition of natural and man made materials in her fabric; taking natural fibers and disrupting them with a number of different weaving and dyeing techniques. As she explains, "I experimented with different weave structures, dye techniques, yarns, materials, finishes, colors and then reimagined what I produced by combining them with each other, both manually and digitally. The result is a fusing of the natural and manmade."

The final product is an intriguing fabric that effectively and aesthetically reflects the Reimagine trend, and we were delighted to weave the design and bring it to life. We can't wait to see the future creations of the students at The Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design in the coming months and years!