Clean Air Day 2019

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We are all aware of the damaging effects that pollution can have – from destroying our environment to impacting our health - the negative repercussions are well publicized, and many of us are doing all we can to minimize our personal contributions to pollution; whether that is through reducing our energy consumption, making sustainable food and product choices, or recycling wherever possible.

However, it can be difficult to remain alert to the type of pollution you can’t see, feel, or hear: air pollution. Responsible for up to 36,000 deaths each year in the UK alone, significantly depleting the ozone layer, and contributing to global warming, the impact it can have upon both our health and environment cannot be overestimated.

That is why, each year on June 20th, Clean Air Day is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of protecting the cleanliness of our air. Organized by Global Action Plan, there are a number of educational resources, guides, and suggestions on how you can do your part to minimize air pollution available here.

Indoor Air Quality: SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Accreditation

Although typically associated with external spaces, it is equally important to consider the air quality of our interiors - the places in which we spend more than 90% of our time, and which can be significantly affected by emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from surfaces and finishes. 

At Camira, we are continuously working to ensure that our products are carefully manufactured to protect both our environment and our customers. That is why over 25 of our ranges have now been awarded the SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certificate by SCS Global Services. Certifying compliance with rigorous indoor air quality emissions requirements, this accreditation demonstrates our commitment to creating healthy interiors and low-emitting products of VOCs. 

What are VOCs?

VOCs are organic chemicals which evaporate or vaporize readily under normal atmospheric conditions and are harmful to human health. They typically have a low boiling point which causes large numbers of molecules to evaporate and enter the surrounding air. One example is formaldehyde, which has a boiling point of –2°F and will steadily evaporate unless it is kept in a closed container.

The following Camira ranges have been certified as achieving SCS Indoor Advantage Gold: 24/7 Flax, Aquarius, Armadillo, Blazer, Blazer Lite, Cara, Carlow, Chicago, Craggan, Era, Era 66, Gravity, Hebden, Hemp, Lucia, Main Line Flax, Manhattan, Nettle, Aztec, Nettle Nomad, Nettle Traveller, Patina, Rivet, Silk, Synergy, Synergy 66, Zap.

Specifying these product ranges can contribute to major environmental building standards, such as: LEED v4, Well Building Standard, BREEAM UK and BREEAM International, Fitwel, Green Globes, Green Guide for Health Care, and NAHB Green Building Standard.

You can learn more about SCS Global Services, and search for other certified green products, here.