Care and maintenance

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Fabrics don’t look after themselves, even those with additional stain repellent treatment. We provide wear guarantees with our fabrics, however, without proper care and attention they can look old and dirty well before their time. In extreme cases they could even wear through.

Fabric care in the workplace and contract interiors isn’t rocket science and there are obvious parallels to how you look after upholstery fabrics in the home. Following a few simple rules can add years to the wear life and appearance of what should be the most visually appealing element of furniture.

We have a full cleaning guide available, but here are our top tips for fabric care and maintenance:

  • Vacuum your fabrics regularly to prevent build-up of dust and dirt on the fabric surface.
  • Get to spills and stains quickly. Mop up the excess liquid using kitchen roll or a damp cloth. Then clean using upholstery shampoo, detergent or hand wash.
  • Always use a branded upholstery shampoo. Alternatively, both wool and polyester can be dry cleaned.
  • For spill or stain prone areas, a stain repellent finish can be applied to certain fabrics. Alternatively, choose a wipe down upholstery solution.