Camira launches Quest, a new SEAQUAL fabric

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In a continuation of our partnership with the SEAQUAL Initiative, we are delighted to introduce Quest - a recycled polyester fabric containing SEAQUAL yarn, made from plastic waste taken from the oceans. Joining Oceanic, our inaugural multi-award winning SEAQUAL fabric which launched in 2020, the addition of this new textile cements our longstanding commitment to creating fabrics woven from sustainable materials. 

With a delicately weathered surface, and a balanced hopsack weave enhanced by discat-dyed SEAQUAL yarn, Quest is simple in its aesthetic, and colored to create a subtle two-tone weave detail. Bringing a touch of the ocean's natural beauty to commercial interiors, the lightweight fabric is perfect for both task and soft seating, and ideal for use on panels.

A collaboration with contemporary landscape artist, Maggie Cochran

Collaborating with contemporary landscape artist Maggie Cochran on the launch, we have commissioned a largescale artwork to showcase the depth and breadth of the Quest palette, with the painting featuring shades taken directly from its range of 27 colourways. Herself a supporter of ocean protection, Cochran donates a portion of artwork sales to Sea-Changers, a marine conservation charity. Set to be installed in our London Clerkenwell showroom, the artwork will be available for visitors to view when exploring the new collection.

"Woven entirely from recycled plastic, Quest really does epitomise waste made wonderful." Lynn Kingdon, Camira

Lynn Kingdon, Head of Creative at Camira, comments on the introduction of Quest, “Created with a conscience, Quest is a beautiful addition to our SEAQUAL collection of fabrics, and we are so proud to continue our partnership with the SEAQUAL Initiative. Woven entirely from recycled plastic, it really does epitomise waste made wonderful, and, with its casually elegant aesthetic and evocative colour palette, it’s the ideal textile for inclusion in contemporary commercial interiors with a sustainable ethos.”
Contributing to reducing marine plastic pollution in a tangible way, each yard of Quest contains the equivalent of 23 plastic bottles. To further assist in the fight against plastic waste, we make a give-back donation directly to the SEAQUAL Initiative for every yard of SEAQUAL fabric sold to support their work in cleaning our oceans.