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We are pleased to announce the amalgamation of the Bradbury and Camira brands. The acquisition of Bradbury took place five years ago and we have, until now, operated separately in the market with independent portfolios, sales teams, manufacturing and support. We feel that the time is now right to bring the brands together to create a stronger, more effective company with a clearer, more focused product portfolio. We believe that aligning our existing resources in both manufacturing and customer service will ensure that we are a more efficient business partner and will enable us to move forward and meet the future demands of the UK and global markets.

Our online brochure is intended to answer some questions you may have regarding the integration of Bradbury and should cover all the information you might need. There is a brief introduction to the changes we’re making as well as information on the appropriate alternative ranges and colours for the Bradbury fabrics you are familiar with.

Download PDF brochure for further information