A shared passion for sustainable wool

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We’re passionate about wool, and of course it’s one of our most important raw materials. It’s the ultimate performance fiber with multiple smart attributes unmatched by man-made fibers. A microscopic armor-like coating ensures wool looks beautiful for longer, it has “feel good” breathable properties able to regulate moisture and it’s difficult to ignite so has high levels of inherent fire safety.

Alongside its unique technical properties, wool is highly sustainable, completely natural, rapidly renewable and biodegradable. Wools of New Zealand share our passion for this wonder fiber and together we’ve been in partnership since 2012 to bring fully traceable, premium wool into interiors. Certified and audited for environmental best practice, animal welfare and stringent standards of quality, Wools of New Zealand work closely with over 1000 different farms and growers to establish the highest standards of sustainable farming and a complete chain of custody from farm to finished fabric. Some of these farms can have around 40,000 sheep with breeds developed to specifically grow white clean wool for interiors. They are also the only holders of an EU Ecolabel certificate for “greasy” wool (wool prior to being scoured), which involves stringent non-use of pesticides on farms. 

“Ensuring ethical, sustainable and renewable production is a core value in Wools of New Zealand’s vision” - Steven Parsons, Market Development & Innovation 

In addition to our environmental stewardship, Camira and Wools of New Zealand have a mutual commitment to corporate social responsibility. Together we’ve raised over $31,000 in charitable contributions to the New Zealand Whale and Dolphin Trust through sales of our wool felt Blazer fabric, supporting the endangered Hector’s Dolphin. 2016 has seen continuity and change, moving from provenance to process we’re recognising that water is a core utility for wool textiles. Our new fabric Synergy, the natural evolution of Blazer, supports international water aid charity Just a Drop, helping deliver safe and clean water where it’s needed most. Wools of New Zealand have partnered with us again to make a contribution for every yard of Synergy sold as part of our ‘Wool for Water’ program – together we’re making a greater impact.