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Natural look and feel 

Roomy wall paintings, green carpet and numerous planting elements on the floor and on the ceiling create a unique atmosphere. Sofa corners with screens are available for joint programming, two meeting rooms can be used for meetings and an open meeting area with seating area is available. The optics and feel of the furniture played an important role in the planning of the unusual room concept.

“You experience the jungle with all your senses. This is why we have also made a very individual claim to the selection of the materials for our upholstery furniture and office chairs," explains the project manager at, Annika Grimm.

Using Camira’s fabrics, Synergy and Blazer have been used for the upholstery of the furniture and office chairs, which round off the overall concept in terms of design, while meeting all requirements for durability and flammability.

Green and olive tones reflect the natural appearance of the room. Pinks and yellows set accents, which are reminiscent of the colorful plants and animals in the jungle, where the blue stands for tropical waterfalls. “The design idea of a room can be supported by means of optically and haptically fitting as well as high-quality reference materials, without compromising the durability," says Sabine Oswald, Area Business Manager for Germany at Camira.

Sustainable demands: Synergy and Blazer as an ideal complement

Synergy is a soft, woolen fabric and offers with 75 opulent colors, the largest color selection at Camira. In collaboration with Just A Drop, the initiative of a global relief organisation, Camira donates for every yard sold of Synergy material to projects that provide people with clean water.

The Blazer fabrics are made from 100% Pure New Wool and captivate by their natural feel. They are produced sustainably; the wool can be traced back directly to the individual farms in New Zealand. Blazer is available in a wide range of monochrome as well as mottled tones. is an interior design studio providing high quality and individual services for commercial buildings. covers the entire spectrum of projects from concept, design, planning and approval through to construction.