Visionary color combinations

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1. Color Haze

From pale to dark this color trio evokes a calming atmosphere with a subtle shift between tones creating a hazy quality. Warm oatmeal offers a soothing backdrop to the red-based shades and is key for floors, walls and work surfaces. Gentle peach is sophisticated and calming while deep orange is a confident and energetic color. Peach is key for upholstery on larger furniture to maintain the soothing ambience while the soft version of orange brings dynamism to the composition; introduce through soft furnishings and on smaller furniture to enrich the restful ambience.

2. Organic Balance

In this micro-palette of five colors a natural feel is created, with a careful balance of light, mid and dark tones. A cool and warm neutral come together here where the oatmeal and blue-grey offer two central tones for an interior that will bring depth without being distracting; use as background colors or on the main furnishing fabrics. Green is a restful color symbolising renewal, working well on furniture and flooring while deep brown, with its rugged texture, brings luxury to the palette and can be used as a grounding accent on upholstery as well as woodwork

3. Dreamlike Blends

From oatmeal to subtle peach, blue-grey to hazy purple, this palette offers a gentle blend of colors that create an elegant effect. The paler tones of oatmeal and peach create a beautiful contrast, which is understated and calming, while blue-based shades of purple and grey offer another level of intensity. Use these four colors in pairs; either create a quiet backdrop for furniture to stand out against or use the deeper shades as a luxurious background to highlight the soothing pales tones on furniture and accessories.