Trend 04: Be One's color palette

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Section 01: Be One's color palette

Be One is dedicated to bringing comfort, featuring designs that instill wellbeing by carefully balancing color and texture.

A refined minimalism defines the mood here, with various tonal effects such as dusky pink into hazy purple (3, 7 & 5) or golden yellow moving towards rusty red (1, 10, 2 & 4), offering subtle transitions of color to maintain a calm aesthetic. Unifying these combinations are the warm neutrals (5 & 10) that are confident yet understated mid tones; they complement both pale (9) and dark shades (2, 4 & 9) and anchor the overall palette. Neutrals are vital to any scheme looking to create quietude, aiming to inspire a more holistic feel.

This selection can be divided in two, the yellow-based hues (1, 2, 6, 8 & 10) and the red-based (3, 4, 5, 7 & 9), but it is the wonderful layers and blends within the fabrics that create a unity between the groups, with flecks of accent tones adding another dimension (1 & 9) to the palette. The variety of finishes plays a key part in this tactile trend, with visible woven structures (2 & 6) creating distinct patterns to sit alongside piece-dyed effects (1 & 9); with a more subtle color mix the latter create the ultimate balance against more intricate designs.

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