Trend 03: Have Fun's color palette

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Section 01: Have Fun’s color palette

Have Fun is beautifully bonkers and encourages an ageless attitude to design, with more dynamic groupings of color and textile finishes that evoke a creative innocence. 

The joy color can bring is central to this trend, using childlike tones (4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 10) contrasted by grounding neutrals (1, 2, 3 & 9), for schemes that are refined with a playful aesthetic. Millennial pink (5) is a key bright for this story; with a yellow base it remains optimistic and warming rather than sickly sweet. A second pink offers a calmer alternative (4) with a delicate wool blend of shades that balances with the entire palette. Interestingly, colors from the same group such as these pinks naturally work well together and can make for unusual yet harmonious pairings.

Nostalgic shades introduce the comforting qualities of Have Fun, with blue (7 &10) and green (6) reminiscent of fun and play, contrasting retro apricot (6) and shades of brown (1 & 2) that are equally as reassuring. melan (3) and white (9) round up this this series of colors, sitting alongside the bolder tones to suggest ways of introducing dynamic and familiar tones in one setting.
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