Sustainable Selections

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It's in our roots

With roots dating back to 1783, we’ve always had a belief that you “only ever get out what you put in,” which is why so much of who we are goes into what we make. We put our heart and soul into making fabrics, but with a real sense of responsibility for the bigger picture; from the raw materials we use, to our manufacturing processes, and the involvement of many different people from start to finish.

Nettle, hemp, flax, wool and even silk are among the natural and rapidly renewable contents that are blended by our design and technical teams to make beautiful, inherently flame retardant textiles. These textiles meet various price points, application needs and are suitable for interior environments where sustainability
is of the utmost importance.

So our sustainable textile expertise goes right from farm to fabric and we handle everything in between.

Woven with naturally renewable contents and inherently flame retardant

Designing and manufacturing bast fiber textiles, which are made from innovative blends of pure new wool combined with naturally occurring textile fibers derived from harvested nettles, hemp and flax. Bast fibers are found in the outer part of the stem of the plant, giving the textiles strong, elastic and flexible properties suitable for interiors, like Main Line Flax, Hemp and Patina.

These sustainable texiltes incorporate innate performace properties of bast fibers and wool, which allows them to achieve commercial FR certification- without the need for chemical post treatment. 

A wide variety of these sustainable textiles are certified to the EU Ecolabel and Indoor Advantage Gold- which both contribute to environmental building standards.

Want to learn more about sustainable textiles?

We have created and developed a CEU called, Specifying Sustainable Textiles to Help Enhance Health and Wellbeing, which is designed to educate specifiers on why sustainable fabrics are an important part of the finish selection process, and equip them with helpful information to confidently select the best options for clients wishing to make wellness a priority. Click here to take a dive into the learning objectives. 

To schedule a CEU with Camira, reach out to your designated Camira Sales Representative or email Bobbie Hejna at [email protected]