Sumi, in color

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Elegant, organic coloration

Drawing on the stylistic features of Japanese ink painting, the delicate techniques of tonality and shading are all cleverly replicated in Sumi’s weave construction and worsted wool composition. Beautifully balancing the intrigue of a mélange base with saturated coloration, a subtle gradation in shade creates heightened visual interest, while retaining the purity of clean lines.

Inspired by natural dyes, each color has been developed to evoke the pigment found in plants and minerals - with eucalyptus green sitting alongside indigo blue, and saffron yellow accompanied by madder red, the palette is bursting with choice, and filled with graceful colors which flow as seamlessly as the seasons change. 

A celebration and evocation of natural beauty, each colorway has been designed to work in splendid isolation, as a tonal pairing or in harmony with the other products in the collection. 

Functionally fluid

With a relaxed handle and lightly textured surface, Sumi has been designed for a multiplicity of uses - enhancing both straight lines and organic curves, complementing the defined and the delicate with its lightweight structure and soft to the touch feel. Certified for upholstery and vertical acoustic surfaces, this flexible fabric can form the base of an interior scheme, be used as an accent, or feature throughout. 

Achieving over 100,000 Martindale cycles, alongside the key FR standards, Sumi is not only aesthetically versatile, but also functionally fluid.

A harmonic partner

Designed to complement the striated grid of Kyoto, a selection of neutral Sumi colorways work in harmony with this sister range. Building on Sumis simplicity, Kyotos graceful geometric pattern adds another layer of originality to create the perfect textile design pairing.
At a glance
  • Worsted wool for finer handle and apparel-like drape 
  • Versatile palette of 27 refined colorways
  • 100,000 Martindale abrasion
  • Functionally fluid - suitable for upholstery and vertical acoustic surfaces