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Luxuriously soft

A soft, sensuous fabric, Silk is as luxurious to touch as its name suggests. Rich with rustic charm, the silk, wool and flax fibers blend together to create a beautifully soft handle. With a three tone tweed effect, Silk brings understated visual intrigue to any interior.

Product shown: Model 1 Sofa by Living Room

Perfectly natural

With the textile's silk element derived from 'noils' (the short fiber waste remnants created during the combing process which occurs before spinning), this recycled content is complemented by all-natural wool and flax fibers - together, they create an entirely sustainable, eco-friendly fabric. 

With exquisite colors created using environmentally-friendly, non-metallic dyestuffs. Silk is safe to compost, without causing any contamination.

Product shown: Remi Upholstered by Nomique

Available in a color palette that brings jewel-like tones together with muted pastels and earthy neutrals, Silk is sumptuous addition to any interior.