React's color combinations

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1. Mix & match


From pale to dark, muted to vibrant, these two color combinations show how a variety of colors and textures can balance.

In the first palette similar amounts of buttermilk and blue contrast an accent of punchy red. For a utilitarian look, use the chalky blue on upholstery against a clean and simple backdrop of pale yellow walls and architrave. Introduce flashes of red on accessories and quilted soft furnishings to bring a modern twist.

Introducing the trio of greens, as seen in the second version, for a more eclectic look. This quantity of colors can work well when mixing multiple elements into one space; use the greens and blue for upholstery on different furniture designs and unite them with accents of red soft furnishings. The cream calms the look and is key for window treatments, as well as paintwork.

3. Nature made

Rich, earthy and grounded, these micro palettes focus on nature’s comforting shades.

Cream and dark brown in equal measures draws your eye to the textural qualities of each. The paler yarns in the sumptuous brown bring depth to the fabric and break up the density of the rich colour. Flooring and soft furnishings in dark brown bring a luxurious touch, while key furniture pieces entirely upholstered in this colour will make a statement. Use the cream on walls and window treatments but contrast this with dark brown woodwork for a more striking look.

Four warm colours together also have visual appeal, with undertones of yellow throughout. Cream remains the grounding base but rich caramel shades offer a new dimension to the overall look; use terracotta as an upholstery fabric on single furniture and the golden yellow on larger pieces. The rich dark brown can be introduced as an accent across trims and architrave to highlight edges and outlines.