Quest color combinations

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1. Sumptuous Layers

Cool and warm tones unite to create a welcoming feel, with organic reds and marine blues balanced by comforting sandstone and old gold. Introduce these deep tones through a mix of hard and soft materials; layer rich reds with smaller areas of aqua blue on furniture. Set these tones against a soothing backdrop of navy on architrave, a softer substitute to black, and yellow tones for window treatments; the patterned fabric introduces a rich yellow with an orange base that perfectly contrasts the strength of dark blue.

2. Curious Blues

A series of underwater blues combine in this palette of four colors. As the tones move from pale to dark a gradient effect is created, traveling from true blue to teal. Undertones of green bring a sense of wellbeing and calm with accents of fresh aqua and lagoon blue adding intrigue and depth. Intermix mid and dark colors across an interior scheme for a subtle contrast between tones, using the comforting properties of this natural palette.

3. Complementary Contrast


In this series of five colors a careful balance between contrasting tones has been created. Offset deep orange-red with vivid green in equal proportions across furniture, allowing both these bold colors to work in harmony. The depth and softness of navy blue helps to ground the brighter tones; contrast this with accents of old gold on patterned fabric for a luxurious look. A greyed off lilac acts as a soft neutral, complementing all the other colors, key for walls and paintwork as a calming backdrop.