Q&A with Designer Hayley Barrett

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There are a number of interesting inspiration projects referenced in this year’s trend report, how are these related to the trends themselves? Is it based purely on colour or are other factors considered?

They are chosen for a number of different reasons... It could be that the approach they’ve used to create the end product is aligned with our own, so we share common ground. For example, on our trend wall there were news articles at the time referencing the influential Me Too movement, whilst one of our team had been greatly inspired by a visit to Frida Khalo exhibition at the V&A - so we wanted projects that celebrated strong women role models; the Matty Bovan and Peppa Reverta projects fitted perfectly with this inspiration. 
In another example, the Frantisek Jungvirt vase featured in the Challenge trend, the artist has taken a well-established and iconic brand of glassware and given it a new, disruptive identity with color - an approach much aligned with our reimagining of the mid-century Jens Risom textiles, Zap and Armadillo

There are some beautiful color combinations in Why not…, how do you choose the palette and fabrics for each trend? 

The aim of the individual palettes is to convey the mood of that particular story – so, for example, the trend that starts this year’s report – Challenge - is unapologetically challenging! We think of it as a global tribe of colors that are quite forthright and confident. For the Be Brave palette, we chose colors that convey virtual worlds and fabrics, such as Carlow, that have multiple tones in them - almost like a flickering screen. The inspiration behind Have Fun needs little explanation - it’s a palette that makes you smile. Finally, the color selection for Be One was influenced by human nature and different skin tones, partly inspired by the powerful photography of AngĂ©lica Dass who matched different skin pigments to Pantone shades – thus proving there is no black and white in race. 
How do trends feed into your creative process when designing new fabrics?  

Designing and developing fabric for our markets doesn’t work in timely 6-month seasonal cycles – we create fabrics with longevity in mind, which won’t quickly date or lose their appeal after a trend has passed – instead, we have to think more broadly and dig deeper. So, the research on our trend wall covers lots of topics; taking inspiration from the natural world, science and technology, news and current affairs and fashion and interiors. All of these ideas borrow, blend, subvert, develop and bounce off one another - so sometimes the direct link from beginning to end can be hard to explain!
Finally, what is your favorite trend from this year’s trend report Why not…: Global Trend Directions 2019/20 by Camira?

That’s difficult! If I had to choose, I’m particularly drawn to the third trend from the report – ‘Why not… Have Fun’ - it reminds us of the positive impact that color and pattern can have on our environments. Particularly in times of indecision and uncertainty, this palette brings a welcome injection of light-hearted, childlike joy; a perfect colorful antidote!

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