Presenting Port

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Environmentally conscious

Port is an environmentally conscious phthalate free vinyl containing no fire retardants or biocides, making it the perfect textile to help create a positive impact on any interior space. With chemical exposure becoming increasingly prevalent and sustainability at the forefront of design, Port is both Prop 65 and AB-2998 compliant, protecting the life of humans by not emitting or leaving any traces of harmful chemicals.

Leather like grain

Port incorporates visual and textural attributes that mimic leather. A urethane finish and a polyester backing makes this textile highly durable and pliable for a wide range use in interior applications. With a range that complements various textiles within the Camira portfolio, Port is the perfect addition, adding another vinyl option. Pairing nicely with existing vinyls such as Ebb and Flow but also adding visual textures with Oceanic and Main Line Flax, Port brings more textile offerings that help Camira become your one stop shop for all your fabric needs.