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Sustainable materials, timeless design

Joining forces with Searious Business - a project office helping businesses spearhead the transition towards a circular economy - Gispen aimed to develop a new designer product created from recycled materials, with separable components, and a drastically extended product lifecycle: epitomising the circular design ethos so integral to the company.

With the Sett CE chair, the team succeeded in creating a furniture piece that reutilises everything from obsolete steel filing cabinets (used in the chair's legs), old mattresses (comprising the foam filling), and even plastic tambour doors (transformed into the chair's frame). Awarded a Dutch Design Award in the Product category, the judges commended the incredible sustainable credentials of the chair, stating:

"With this product, Gispen has produced the perfect result of years of research and development in the circular industry. The workable, circular system for a consumer product of this scale is praised and can serve as an example for the entire manufacturing industry. The innovation is not so much in its shape, but rather in the way it is created and how it functions. This is an example of the new aesthetic standard in circular design: the sofa does not advertise its sustainable features, instead its reuse of materials is silently incorporated into a timeless design."

Learn more about the Gispen Sett CE chair here.

Fabric featured on chair: Oceanic in Paddle

Woven entirely from recycled plastic

A reflection of our ongoing commitment to environmental product stewardship, Oceanic builds on our expertise in recycled polyesters to incorporate plastic marine waste for the very first time. Born of the SEAQUAL Initiative to achieve a waste free environment, Oceanic brings new life to thrown away products - from debris found floating in our seas to post-consumer plastic bottles, destined for landfill - making it the perfect partner for the Sett CE chair.

Lynn Kingdon, Head of Contract Design at Camira, explains the ethos behind Oceanic's creation, “Sustainability is always at the top of our agenda – and has been for the past twenty years, with our wool and bast fiber blends becoming signature products. As we look to the future, this is becoming ever more intrinsic in our design development, and Oceanic is an exciting new step in our sustainability story - originally inspired by the shocking fact that every year, 12 million tons of plastic ends up in our oceans, we’re proud to say that for every 2kgs (4 yards) of Oceanic fabric sold, 1kg of waste is removed from the ocean.”

Taking its strength from the raw material from which it was originally created, Oceanic is a highly durable textile, tough enough for a life not only on the seas but also on the seats it furnishes. Blending a soft fluidity with a high level of performance, it is ideal for inclusion in a wide range of modern interiors.

Explore the Oceanic range and order samples here.