Nursery Schools

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A cosy place to learn

With an emphasis on creating homely spaces, Lesley incorporated a number of large sofas and welcoming seats throughout the nurseries. Referred to as story chairs and predominately Scandinavian in design, their purpose is to encourage children to ‘coorie in’ (translated in English to mean ‘cuddle in’) with a parent, practitioner or friend and read together in a comforting, safe place.

Choosing Camira’s Main Line Flax for use on these chairs – an inherently flame-retardant fabric made from a sustainable 70-30 wool flax blend – Lesley felt that the natural qualities of the fabric promoted the ethos of sustainability she was seeking to achieve throughout the nurseries, as well as enhancing their homely feel through their natural colors.

A home from home 

With over 40 colors in its range, Main Line Flax was also used in the multi-purpose rooms located in each of the nurseries. The extensive colorways meant that the different environments could have their own unique color palette to reflect their individual identities, whilst also complementing one another in texture and tonality. Lesley explains the key roles these multi-purpose rooms serve: "Used for all types of activities, including ‘Peep groups’ - groups for parents/carers and their children to learn together - their aim is to support families with their children's early development in an enjoyable way."

Following through on the holistic design, Lesley also utilised every inch of Main Line Flax to create a number of organic fabric patterns on the walls. Adding an element of fun to the rooms, their handmade appeal also enhances the domestic, home from home feel that is so conducive to enhancing children’s sense of security and supporting their learning and development.