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A different work environment

Reflecting the diverse seating requirements, Nomique’s product range is split into three main groups: task, meet and soft seating. Rather than remaining confined to the traditional locations of these seating areas, within the look book Nomique explored how the combination of the different types of chairs can be used to adapt to the everchanging workplace environment, for example, it might be that a group of meeting and soft seating elements are used to create a flexible meeting area.

Rich tones and contrasting metallics

With consideration for how the chairs will be used, and the desire to create rooms full of rich tones, contrasting metallics and an embrace of nature, Nomique chose fabrics which would drive this concept – offering durability and comfort, as well as enhancing the visual appeal of the interiors, adding layers and depth to the design. A number of the fabrics specified also offer the sustainable qualities key to the company’s ethos, utilising natural materials and finishes. 

Featuring Canopy, Track, SilkBlazer and Main Line Flax, Camira’s fabrics perfectly complement the alluring and dramatic atmosphere created by Nomique, and the final result of the project is a look book that perfectly showcases the stunning profiles, details and definitions of the chairs.