New Perspectives

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Materials & Colors

From the colors we choose to the materials we use, the spaces we create are a reflection of the world around us, and in these times of uncertainty, we must work to build environments which offer comfort and safety, which stimulate and enthuse, and which are sustainably sourced. New Perspectives is filled with material combinations illustrating the textiles, colors, and products we will want to be surrounded by in this new era of interiors.
Showcasing palettes which bring together complementary colours, textures and finishes, this digital book offers a burst of interior inspiration on every page. From dreamy fabric combinations to experimental material partnerships, you'll be filled with ideas for your next scheme. 

Fabrics featured: Era in Perennial, Era in Memo, Kork in Aroma, Oceanic in Seafarer, Oceanic in Sea, Oceanic in Jetsam, Vita in Envy, Vita in Surf.



Showcasing the forms and furniture that are the perfect match for the colors and textures featured in each trend, New Perspectives offers practical guidance on the ways in which our fabrics can be used - from soft sofas to linear panels, a myriad of possibilities is explored. 
Bringing these furniture pieces together with a selection of exquisite interior products with which our textiles have an affinity, the book illustrates the harmonious interplay between the different elements of an interior scheme.

Fabric featured: Main Line Flax in Barbican 
Furniture featured: Ovile sofa by Zoran Jedrejcic for Mosso Furniture


Refining each trend palette into select combinations, New Perspectives brings together surprising color and texture interplays, made to inspire.
Illustrating recommended proportions and the ease with which each element complements and harmonizes, these combinations are ready-made schemes for your next project, highlighting the material finishes which are ideal complements for our textiles. From pairing iridescent tiles together with the aquatic shades of Oceanic and the matt vinyl Vita to combining polished walnut with our wool rich textiles, Synergy and Blazer, these combinations will surprise and appeal.

Fabrics featured: Era in Perennial, Era in Memo, Kork in Aroma, Oceanic in Seafarer, Oceanic in Sea, Oceanic in Jetsam, Vita in Envy, Vita in Surf.