Introducing Kork

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Stage 01

Each cork oak has a protective bark that grows with the tree, with every year’s growth marked by a line. To obtain this bark, skilled craftsmen carefully strip the tree, without causing any damage to the trunk. This harvest period takes place between May and September and is first performed when the tree is 15 years old, before being carried out at 11-year intervals.

Stage 02

Once the bark has been stripped, it is placed in water and boiled for at least one hour. This process is performed to ensure any dirt is removed from the bark, its water-soluble substances are extracted, its density reduced and to allow it to become soft and elasticated. Following this, the cork is dried for between two and three weeks to provide it with the right consistency for the next stage.

Stage 03

The bark is then separated by quality, before being compressed and manufactured into cylindrical blocks from which corks sheets are shaved. These paper-thin sheets are then laminated together, dyed, and a soft cotton backing applied to create Kork - an exquisitely natural vertical offering.

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