Hertha Ayrton STEM Centre

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Bright light and openness

The open space is complemented with angular shapes along the wall, balcony and steps, with wood panelling throughout and glass roof to give the space bright light and openness. With a range of lounge seating from Gresham Office Furniture, the space allows for a variety of working environments, all featuring Camira’s fabrics.

The architect carefully designed the color scheme and style for the Hertha Ayrton STEM Centre, which has been translated through the selection of fabrics for the furniture.

Working closely with the University and Gresham Office Furniture, Camira designed a palette of pinks and greys, from a range of our fabrics, to capture and complement the theme for the space and work with the selection of furniture from Gresham’s Izzey, Masca and Betsy ranges.

A subtle blend of textures

Alex Mitchell, Area Business Manager at Camira commented: “The palette is based on shades of gray and rich pink – on closer inspection you can see different combinations of fabrics in the same shades used on each piece of furniture to create added interest. I wanted to use a mix of our wool and flax fabrics to merge a subtle blend of textures and natural compositions which complemented the overall style of the space. Pairing the felted wools and soft wovens is a perfect way of demonstrating how different textures can work well together."

Fabrics used include wool-blend ranges Synergy and Individuo, alongside wool and flax fabrics, Patina and Main Line Flax.

Juliet Ramsden from the Estates Team at Sheffield Hallam University, who worked on the project, commented: “We were keen to make optimal use of Camira’s EU Ecolabel fabrics and to use new ranges for this innovative space. In order to ensure the best fabrics, ranges and colors were used, we asked Camira to advise us on what would best complement the original vision. The result of their input is that the impact of the fabric choices and furniture have made the space even more striking."