Habitat color combinations

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1. Rustic Warmth

In this palette of four colors, a natural balance is created with yellow undertones bringing warmth and comfort. Deep cream offers a simple soft backdrop to the richer aspects of the palette, effective on large surface areas such as ceilings, walls and architrave. Rustic and energetic, orange and yellow are key accent colors for patterned upholstery and flooring, suggesting optimism and positivity. Moss green with highlights of white offers a rustic yet refined look; introduce this harmonising color on larger furniture to ensure an overall feeling of wellbeing.

2. Rural meets Urban

From textured gray to vivid green this palette travels between rural and urban aesthetics, balancing a variety of depths in color and texture. A rugged mix of hues brings depth to grays and browns, offering subtle pattern for upholstered seating and allowing for the key highlight colors, such as the orange in the gray, to be picked up in accessories. Muted blue is soft and soothing, working underfoot to create a calming atmosphere; strengthen with accents of sky blue on paintwork and soft furnishings. Combine the grays, blues and greens to create a contemporary look that evokes the outdoors indoors.

3. Nourishing Layers

Conjuring up the great outdoors, shades of green dominate this micro-palette, complemented by the fresh air effect of blue-green. Create an elegant tonal shift by layering the greens from mid to dark: flooring and architrave can hold the deeper shades of the forest while vivid green suits smaller upholstered furniture as well as soft furnishings placed on dark green upholstery. Refreshing aqua blue-green is uplifting and an attractive feature colour on accent walls, not to mention working as a key accent for trims. Taking the paler flecks from the textured fabrics, highlights of white on main walls, ceilings and furniture will give the composition a crisp look and unite the richer colours to instil sense of wellbeing.