Gordons LLP

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An injection of color

John Ellis, Marketing Executive at Dale Office Interiors, comments “The fabric colors were key to the overall design, supporting the cohesiveness of the imagined office space, and offering the color injection required to complement the subtle color choices of the walls and flooring. 

Combined with the use of the company's brand colors we were able to create an office that represented Gordons core color scheme in a physical location. It was the choice of the office furniture and colors used that brought this design together, offering that injection of excitement, and energy as a highlight color throughout the design, invigorating a space that has functional wall and flooring choices."

Continuity of design

Discussing the fabrics and shades chosen throughout the space, John explains "We chose Synergy in Similar, Likeness and Relate for the soft seating areas and overhead baffles as this beautifully soft fabric offers a comfortable yet functional and hardwearing solution, and enabled us to keep the continuity of the design from floor to ceiling. 

To bring a dash of color to desk spaces, we opted for Era in Phase for the acoustic desk screens due to its contemporary look and feel and acoustic properties, whilst Xtreme in Diablo, Bridgetown and Tarot were selected for the meeting room chairs - highly durable and available in a range of shades that fell within Gordons' color spectrum, this recycled polyester was the perfect choice for these seats."

Fabrics featured: Synergy, Era, Xtreme
Photography: Dale Office Interiors