Fall Collection 2020

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Natural Beauty: Kork

A modern take on a rustic material, Kork blends natural beauty with a stylized aesthetic. With its raw composition softened by its sleek tactility, the organic pattern inherent to the bark of the cork tree is showcased through its delicate colouration, making it the ideal material to bring a hint of biophilia to any interior. 


Matte Velvet: Regent

A beautifully modern approach to velvet, Regent combines glamour with practicality. With a matte finish and directionless pile, this velvet textile brings contemporary luxury to any space. Blending rich, regal aesthetics with a softness that belies its high durability.

Modern Sheepskin: Dolly

A classic textile reinvented, Dolly is expertly created in Yorkshire, England. With each individual fiber knitted into a soft, supple backing, this beautifully different fabric has craftsmanship at its core. Blending the authentic properties of sheepskin with the flexibility of a rolled fabric, Dolly is a truly modern choice for today's interiors.

Faux Leather: Port

Port is an environmentally conscious phthalate free vinyl containing no fire retardants or biocides, making it the perfect textile to help create a positive impact on any interior space. With chemical exposure becoming increasingly prevalent and sustainability at the forefront of design, Port is both Prop 65 and AB-2998 compliant, protecting the life of humans by not emitting or leaving any traces of harmful chemicals.