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Glamour with practicality

A beautiful modern approach to velvet, Regent effortlessly combines glamour with practicality. With a matte finish and directionless pile, this velvet textile brings contemporary luxury to any space. Blending rich, regal aesthetics with a softness that belies its high durability, Regent is infinitely versatile.

Sleek and soft 

With a short, tightly woven pile, Regent is strikingly sleek. Designed to complement both relaxed soft lounge seating and formal furniture, it is a textile to make each chair an installation to fall in love with - combining irresistible tactility with a beautiful aesthetic. 

Rich hues and modern tones 

A carefully curated palette of jewel-like hues and muted modern tones makes Regent the perfect accent for contemporary workspaces, plush hotels and refined reception areas.  

Delicate yet durable 

Echoing the luxurious appearance of velvet and possessing the durability to withstand intense contract use, interiors can receive an injection of elegance through the inclusion of this delicate yet durable textile.

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