Aura: Explore the Virtual Configurator

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View curated color palettes

Celebrating the boundless potential and manifest versatility of this icon of wool plushes, we have curated 14 accent groups which bring together complementary shades and patterns to create an selection of sleek interior schemes. Use the Color Palette feature in the virtual configurator to explore these accent groups - from organic orbital swirls in Old Navy and Signal Red through to modern, geometric-inspired patterns in Rally Green and Platform Grey, there is a shade and style for every type of vehicle.

You can also explore the Aura color palettes in our digital flipbook by clicking the button below. 

View in 3D, save and share your designs and much more...

The virtual configurator tool makes it as easy as possible to design, save and share your perfect Aura seat: 
  • View in 3D: Providing a 360 degree view of your design, you can zoom and rotate to see your upholstered seat from every angle.
  • Change seating style: With the option to toggle between bus and coach seating options, you can view your Aura choice on the right style for your vehicle. 
  • Save and share: Making it as easy as possible to save and share your designs, the helpful screenshot feature enables you to capture your Aura design to send to customers and colleagues in moments.