Evo Lounge Chair

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Where did the inspiration for the Evo chair come from?

Sustainability was a key aspect when starting the design. We were thinking - how can we create a comfortable armchair without using foam? This made me want to explore the combination of knitted textile and wood. To combine a traditional material with a modern one, and see what that meeting could bring. I wanted to capture a feeling that can be found in traditional Scandinavian wood working, and bring that forward.

Why did you decide to work with Camira Technical Knitting in creating the 3D knit?

I have previously worked with Camira Technical Knitting in the Shift folding chair for Moooi, so I knew that they liked a challenge, trying to push the limits of what is possible with knit. And the people are just great to work with.

"The combination of knitted textile and solid wood is not common."

Could you tell us a little bit about how you took the design from conception to completion? 

The prototyping process is central when it comes to developing innovative furniture. In this project it meant combining three different materials and suppliers in different countries. The most difficult challenge was to create the tension needed for the comfort of the seat. We just had to try many different technical solutions before knowing if it worked. Most of the time, it did not work, so it meant a lot of iterations back and forth, adjusting the knit and adding functions to it. This is what makes knit development such a fun process, many things are yet to be discovered, we just have to keep trying.

What are the unique attributes of the chair?

The combination of knitted textile and solid wood is not common in the furniture industry. We have managed to create a bespoke piece of furniture that cares about details and how it is put together. I am proud to be able to lift the chair up, knowing that it uses minimal amount of material creating such great comfort and the tactile experience of something I want to keep for a long time.

Could you tell us a little about the sustainable credentials of the Evo chair?

The core of the Evo chair lies in the circular thinking that we applied to all parts, and the design itself. All components can be disassembled, exchanged or recycled if necessary. Nothing is fixed with permanent fixings like being sewn or glued. So each component of the Evo chair is made of one material, with just three different materials used in total.. It was important to make an honest construction that could be looked at from all sides. When seeing it from below you should understand how it is put together. Nothing is hidden.

How important is sustainability to you as a designer?

I am very focused on working on more sustainable solutions in all projects I do. It adds an extra layer of complexity to the design process, since the starting point needs to be the material itself and how to use it. To find ways to be able to update or change parts and making sure that the life of a furniture is longer than the current trend. It involves a lot of problem solving which I really like.