Emma J Shipley

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Inspired by evolution

"The Titus design was inspired by evolution and irregular patterns in nature. In particular, I wanted to study Gorillas and apes as there is such a close genetic link with us as a species. Exposing Titus’s ribcage highlights this link as we see an almost-human skeleton revealed. The anatomical study also references traditional 18th and 19th century scientific drawings, where new species were discovered and studied through drawing.

My own trip to the Amazon jungle, inspired much of the branches, plants and leaves featured in the design. Some of the other details in the drawing include animalistic foliage, branches turning into snakes and skeletal pieces with zebra stripes. Creating my own half-imagined evolution, I explore the inextricable link between all living things."

Patterns in nature

"The mathematical details in the drawing come from my interest in patterns in nature and its structure versus irregularity. The design itself has an element of symmetry, but just as the wings of a butterfly are never identical, the design is subtly different on either side of the centre, and no elements are repeated exactly. More literal references to logarithmic spirals, the Fibonacci series and the golden ratio can also be found in equations, geometric objects and mathematical tools."