Degrees of color: 2021 fabric inspiration for higher education

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Pretty Pinks, Lilacs and Pastels

Following the selection of Rose Quartz as Pantone's Color of the Year in 2016, pinks and pastels have grown to be a mainstay in interior design - with spaces such as Sketch and Humble Pizza. An ideal shade for use in universities, the breadth of tonality within the palette means it offers the ultimate in versatility - with delicate pastel pinks evoking feelings of calm and peace, perfect for study or relaxation rooms, whilst vibrant fuchsias and magentas bring a burst of welcoming vibrancy to a space - as shown to great effect at Sheffield Hallam University (right).

Moss, Sage and Dark Olives

The color of nature, the use of green within interiors has moved towards the stylish shades of moss, sage and dark olives - embracing the organic connotations the hue holds to create spaces which communicate health and peace. Illustrated here at Teesside University (left), a space in which designers CPMG Architects sought to bring the outside in, the library is a haven of tonal shades, soft textures and complementary accent colors - creating an interior which is at once soothing and stimulating; making it perfect for concentrated study.

Taupe, Chestnut and Intense Browns

Timeless, classic and elegant, these neutral shades will never go out of style - and make for ultra sleek interiors. Linked to comfort and security, the use of these tones can create a space that quietens the mind, while offering a hit of visual impact through carefully chosen tones. Pictured here at the University of Leeds (right), the communal area is both stylish and welcoming - with the elegant taupe color scheme creating a space that is ideal for unwinding in with friends and colleagues.