Co-Create color combinations

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1. Playful combinations

In this energetic mix of colors there is a balance between light, mid and dark tones. Mix and match these hues to mirror the playful mood of Co-Create. Red and orange work in tandem alongside two shades of blue, while gray-white offers a strong neutral. Introduce the red based tones alongside one another on upholstered furniture, using the mid and dark blues as background colors on floors and architrave. The muted gray tone is less clinical than white and is a good middle ground for table tops and walls.

2. Bold blends

This deep palette evokes the richer side of the trend, with blue based colors bringing drama and vintage brown adding a crafted luxury. Dark cobalt blue has a utilitarian feel, suitable for simple furniture design and metal work. Shades of pink complement one another, offering two key accent colors for soft furnishings, while teal is appealing as an upholstery color for communal seating; nurturing and soft this deep color has a natural quality that creates a welcoming mood. Vintage brown is key to the set, softening the other hues; so introduce natural wood into the scheme to reflect an honest look and feel.

3. Unusual groupings

A palette of four colours gives the chance to explore colour clashing without creating an overpowering look. Yellow based colours are central to this micro-palette and can be paired for a subtle transition on modular seating. These bright colours can be accents or the main players. Deep grey on floors and hard surfaces offsets the sunshine tones in the room, using magenta in small quantities on trims and accessories. Alternatively introduce the grey as the dominant colour of the scheme, with flashes of yellow, orange and pink on smaller pieces to bring elements of surprise.