Challenge's project in focus: Sisters Madagascar

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We have presented this project in our trend Challenge that invites us to question everything and redefine the common values. How do you see your work fitting into this trend?

I think the Sisters Madagascar collection of ceramics fits perfectly into your trend lines, I think we ask the same questions and look for the same answers. I totally identify with the introductory text "the dynamics of humans", humanistic apologia and call to be brave and to build a better world, take risks and also know how to have fun.

What is your reaction to the challenge of the trend?

I believe that the difficult balance between the bold and the brave with the earthly and logical is well planted. Rethinking the questions is always necessary and fundamental to grow in the difference and in the ambiguous.

What are you questioning in 2019?

The planet earth has many challenges for this year, and those of us who inhabit here have multiple responsibilities with him, our fellow human beings and ourselves, I hope we are able to overcome them.
In this line of thought, I question when we will be brave enough to break with repetitive cycles, where novelty or difference is non-existent. A great example of virtues I see in your Queen Elizabeth II, for the integrity, consistency, firmness and courage, traits that are appreciated when wearing bright colors, cheerful and unique.