Challenge color combinations

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Palette 1:  Kind contrast

A selection of five colors gives you the variety to mix and match while using tonal effects ensures a harmonious and friendly palette.

From golden to terracotta, then russet into scarlet, we slowly move from yellow through to red. Explore these tonal effects to alternate fabrics on soft seating as well as transitioning colors across walls and floors to break up large open spaces. Soft and calm, verdigris is a gentle tone to complete this scheme and can be introduced to architrave as well as key furniture pieces in natural leather. The rich yellow evokes optimism when used in small doses and so consider this as an accent for accessories and soft furnishings.

Palette 2: Unified darks

This micro-palette is rich and indulgent creating a balanced feel that offers a way of combining multiple darks for a layered and eclectic look. 

Breaking down the selection into pairs, one yellow based and the other blue shows how these four hues come together in a simple yet luxurious offering. The warmth of red blends with yellow undertones in a russet tone, which has both natural and manmade qualities; introduce as a main color on soft seating with accents of golden yellow and deep blue-green for soft furnishings, accessories and window treatments. Blackened blue is key for wood and metal work; in keeping with the palette this sumptuous shade retains the softness of the scheme rather than contrasting with pure black.

Palette 3: Colorful canvas

Confidence with color can inspire truly dynamic and immersive schemes, with flashes of brights uplifting solid mid tones.

Take inspiration from artistic mark making and scatter accents of pink, purple and orange throughout your interior, especially in unexpected places such as chair legs, door handles and trims. Rich red-brown is a stable base tone for soft seating, while golden yellow is a charming and joyous color for individual pieces. Verdigris leather on key furniture brings a touch of luxury and the tone can also be picked up in accessories. Consider pale woods and concrete surfaces to balance with the saturated hues for an industrial edge.