Camira chats with Color Trend Consultant, Sally Angharad

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With a heightened sense of sanitation and hygiene, how do you expect this to translate into wider lifestyle trends?
This will, without a doubt, play a part in terms of the types of materials and products in demand moving forward. There is a need to address this sensitively though so as not to instill fear or create stressful environments. What does this mean for designers and manufactures? It will be about ensuring we can create clean, hygienic spaces that still look and feel ‘normal’ – such as ‘self-disinfective’ surfaces that remain familiar in style for public and domestic environments. This will also drive a trend where smooth surfaces and clean lines are a key direction for interiors.
Are there any trends that you predicted for 2020, which correlate with the current situation we find ourselves in? Perhaps there are a few that you’ve now added a pandemic lens over?
One overriding theme affecting trends as a whole is connectivity, which has certainly become even more prevalent at the moment. It’s a theme that affects us on so many levels, from being more reliant on digital communication to share and care, to more emphasis being placed on meaningful relationships between one another. This situation has reminded us how valuable real-world experiences are and helped us remember how we can come together to make a positive difference, even on a small scale within our own communities. It has also made us realise how creative we can be when connecting through digital means, with virtual dinner parties and live workshops offering multisensory experiences.
We are definitely seeing people make the best of a bad situation and become more creative as well as innovative, doing more with less. This is another theme I forecast whereby a sense of fun and joy is at the heart of design. It’s taking craft to another level where within this massive trend that continues to evolve, there is room for the perfectly imperfect and it is more about the experience you have gained and reflecting your own personality. People are proud of their home makes, sharing on social platforms however it has turned out. It’s all about giving it a go, taking some risks and not overthinking the outcome.

Up until now, what emerging trends have you seen come to life this year? Are there any that you foresee gaining even more momentum or are we set to see a new era of contract/interior design?
As well as the themes previously mentioned, there has been a big change in the look of eco-conscious design, very much influenced by those driving the movement. Far from drab and reserved there is radical new wave in this type of design, with organic brights and highly tactile surfaces dominating the trend. This is only going to grow as more people turn to experimentation to create innovative and playful solutions that don’t harm the planet.
The key element that all the trends we are seeing emerge is that there is an overwhelming focus on the wellbeing of the whole world, from more environmentally friendly choices to paying more attention to our own health. Trends continue to evolve in response to changing circumstances and so when we look at how contract/interior design might change we need to evaluate what is happening at the moment, with the way people are working and living. Flexibility is certainly one of the buzz words we will hear even more in the coming months, with people’s homes suddenly becoming their offices and businesses realising that working from home may well become a new normal. Inevitably this means people will be seeking out ways of maintaining a work life balance and turning to products and furniture that can quickly transform to suit.
How will consumer behavior and mindsets change during and after the pandemic?
Obviously as people are unable to go to physical stores there has been a huge rise in e-commerce usage and with this we will see more creative platforms for business to compete. Even after the pandemic subsides, it is inevitable the people who were new to online shopping will continue to use the services that have since become familiar to them. It is an opportunity for businesses to build new ways of sharing content and considering how they can offer more meaningful experiences to their customers. There is no denying that our mindsets have changed over the past few months, or more so our priorities have shifted. The things we once did before now feel like luxuries and I believe that sustainable design with a less is more attitude will most certainly become even more everyday, with consumers seeing the bigger picture and choosing quality over quantity.
On the contract side of our business, we have seen many brands predict 2020 color trends that are very influenced by nature and we are seeing a lot of earthy palettes emerging. Looking ahead to 2020/2021, which color trends do you predict?
Absolutely, earthy palettes are set to be strong and will become more diverse, whereby the effects as well as the colors themselves will be key.  There will be more acceptance of variations with colors that fade or change over time as well, so what may be bright and in 2021 may evolve into something far more muted as time goes on. So we will see rich earth shades bring warmth and strength, alongside cool tranquil blues that bring a sense of tranquillity. Nature also inspires vivid and energetic colors, with variety and depth in the way of organic brights such as those of fruit and vegetable dyes.
As for pattern, where do you see the future of this heading? Large-scale, bold designs or smaller, more subtle prints?
I honestly believe that anything goes and as I was saying before there is a definite move to the designs we choose reflecting our individuality – so nobody can tell you it’s wrong or right, its such a personal decision. For public spaces however there is the challenge that everybody needs to feel comfortable and this is where the ongoing trend for an eclectic look can work well, offering some quieter areas alongside the more outspoken. It’s about choosing patterns, colors and designs that you feel are true to the personality of the space as well as the user.
How about texture?
If this current situation has taught us anything in terms of design it is that we crave sensory experiences and that tactility is so important. Again it’s all about variety, from soft smooth surfaces that echo feelings of security to playful finishes that challenge our perceptions and offer surprise and delight. In my opinion it’s all about texture, texture and more texture!
Finally, do you have any final thoughts on your personal experience of lockdown and how you can see this impacting how we view our daily lives moving forward…

For me, above everything else, lockdown has reminded me how important it is to be kind and to value what we have rather than chasing after the next new thing. More time at home certainly makes you evaluate what you truly need, cherishing the simple things and focusing in on the moment. I live in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, here in the UK, and time out of the house with family for our daily walk offers me time to reflect as well as appreciate my surroundings far more than I have before.

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