Be One's project in focus: XYZ Lounge by Didier Fiúza Faustino

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1. What drives your studio design style?
Whenever we start a project, we always try to produce new forms, new designs. By new, I mean something that suits with contemporaneity and never refers to norms. We try to design things as freely as we can, to break codes and to look forward.
2. What inspired XYZ Lounge?
A mix of sci-fi, smoothness and flesh. Sci-fi for the atmosphere with sharp lines and unexpected design and smoothness and flesh for the color palette, the sensuality of materials, curves. The project was also driven by the notions of lightness and immateriality. We wanted to create a space out of fashion, out of time.
3. We have featured this project in our trend Be One where focusing on humanity reminds us how the beauty of difference can make a wholesome world. How do you see this project fitting into this trend?
In our practice, each project is unique. We do not apply any recipes and don’t pretend to give a solution. We make a proposal, offer a universe, an atmosphere. Our projects always focus on the relationship between the mind, the body, the notions of domesticity and ‘animality’. We like to point at what is different rather than spread a norm.
4. What are your thoughts on the trend Be One?
I think it is essential to underline the differences in a positive way, not in the means of exclusion nor communitarianism. This trend for me is about the place of man in the universe, like a zoom in / zoom out. Or maybe more a shot / reverse shot…
5. What projects are you are working on at the moment?
We have very different projects going on at the moment. We take part at several group exhibitions in France, Belgium and Germany. In architecture, we are finishing a flagship store in Paris for an American brand, we are designing a multi-family house on the edge of a fell, on the Pacific Coast, a design studio for an artist and a swimming pool for 1 person, both in France. Last but not least, we are developing furniture and working on a book.